The McCabes
Genres: Country, Celtic-Rock, Rock
Instruments: Fiddle, Mandolin

I've been working with Sean McCabe on and off for about seven years. We play a number of clubs in and around Times Square. The band also has a nice following in the Midwest, where we do festivals and concert series. By 2005, I had become a full-fledged member of the band. At that time we went into the studio to record some new "Songs For Breakfast". I also helped mix and produce the recordings. Here are some excerpts...

Songs For Breakfast
Recorded in 2005 in NYC.

Cavan Is My Home (:42)

Here's a nice Country song, which kicks off with the fiddle, followed by...more fiddlin'!

Performed (Fiddle), (Co)Mixed and (Co)Produced by Clarence Ferrari

American In Paris (:59)

Here's a Rock song with a bit of a "Ska" feel to it.

Performed (Fiddle), (Co)Mixed and (Co)Produced by Clarence Ferrari

Don't Let Your Star Disappear (:31)

Here is a Rock Ballad. If you listen carefully (in the right side of your stereo), you can here me plinking away on the Mandolin under the Fiddle solo.

Performed (Fiddle, Mandolin), (Co)Mixed and (Co)Produced by Clarence Ferrari

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