Jodee James
Genre: Welsh
Instruments: Fiddle, Electric Bass, Lap Steel Guitar

I worked with Jodee for a few years playing festivals and coffee houses. I came in to play some fiddle tracks for the album she was working on at the time. By the time the project was finished I ended up editing, mixing and producing several of the tracks. Here are some excerpts...

Two Shores
Traditional and original Welsh songs.

Dacw Dacw Fuwch (1:23)

Well, I'm not really sure what this song is about (I'll have to ask Jodee one of these days), but it features some nice "Call and Response" between myself and the vocals.

Performed (Fiddle), Mixed and Produced by Clarence Ferrari

Cigfa Song (2:23)

Like a lot of Welsh songs, this song deals with elements of nature that have been anthropomorphized. This one is about a mouse who is trying to get married.

Performed (Fiddle), Mixed and Produced by Clarence Ferrari

Two Shores (3:00)

Here is an orginal song about Jodee's (and her family's) experience of leaving Wales and coming to America. When Jodee brought this song to me I thought it needed more that just Acoustic Guitar and Vocals, so I overdubbed a Bass part and three Lap Steel Guitar parts, so I could make it sound like a Pedal Steel Guitar (without the pedals). Also the vocals were out of sync with the guitar in several places, so I spent a lot of time editing the vocal part to make it fit. I really liked the song, so I thought it was worth the effort.

Performed (Electric Bass, Lap Steel Guitar), Engineered (Electric Bass, Lap Steel Guitar), Edited, Mixed and Produced by Clarence Ferrari

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