"Folk" Melodies/Songs: 2001 - 07
With lots of fiddlin'!

Here are a few examples written in a compositional style where I am getting backs to my "roots". Borrowing from the Amercan and Celtic idioms (among others) that I was raised on, the following tunes represent the closest I've ever gotten to "commercial" music (and boy do I have a long way to go!).

Bernoulli's Feet (4:23)

While I was in the Celtic-Rock band Lenahan (more about that on the "Fiddle" recordings page), I was asked to write some fiddle tunes for the album we were working on at the time. It begins with "The Setup", which is a mixture of Scottish and Irish influences, followed by "On the Corner of Grafton and Menelik" which is a surprisingly effective combination of Irish and Ethiopian influences, and closing with "The Chaser" which is a combination of American and Celtic influences.

Performed (Fiddle and Rhythm Guitars), Arranged and Produced by Clarence Ferrari
Blue Harvest (2:53)

Here is a song I wrote for my Bluegrass band Blue Harvest, which became the title track off of our album. It has Bluegrass/Vaudeville Jazz feel to it.

Performed (Lead Vocals and Fiddle), Arranged and Produced by Clarence Ferrari

Circular Reasoning (2:32)

Here is a Bluegrass fiddle tune that I wrote for Blue Harvest. This is a live recording from a (very early morning) radio show on WKCR in NYC.

Performed (Fiddle), Arranged and Mastered by Clarence Ferrari


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