Letters of Recommendation


I have known Clarence Ferrari for 6 years during his tenure as Violin Instructor with the Bos’ Club of New York Music Education Department, Harriman Clubhouse. As the Music Education Director for the tri-building Music Program, I have found Clarence to be one of the most professional and caring youth development music teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s not only a great teacher, but in addition he provides guidance to members, parents, and staff alike. His character is beyond reproach, his interpersonal skills are excellent, and he is a strong advocate for young music students havng been a young protégé himself, studying violin from the age of five.

In addition Clarence is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about music which is evident by the effort he puts in his position. Besides being a hardworking, dedicated, excellent teacher and mentor, who always steps up to the plate, writing charts, working sound, filming and editing the various concert DVD’s, or assisting others with their computer skills, Clarence has shared his humorous side by helping MC a Recital or two, ad has put an enormous amount of effort into all of our annual Concerts at the The Apollo, Lincoln Center, Jazz at Lincoln Center, The Rainbow Room, Avery Fisher Hall, plus many more.

Clarence plays Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, most string instruments and is a natural performer. I would highly recommend him for any position he might apply for, as he is bright, talented, determined, bringing character and charisma to whatever he does.

Malcom Swisher
Music Education Director
Boys’ Club of New York

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