Letters of Recommendation


This letter is in reference to Clarence Ferrari who has been my sonís violin teacher for almost 3 years. My son started playing the violin without any previous training at the age of 6 years old and has chosen to continue this course of study. He is an active boy with a short attention span but I have observed during his weekly sessions, that Mr. Ferrari was able to keep him focused and enthusiastic about the violin.

Mr. Ferrari is a well respected teacher in our community. He himself has played since he was very young and has enjoyed a successful career in music. He is passionate about teaching a wide variety of music and is extremely knowledgeable about music history and theory. He interweaves both these topics throughout the lessons to provide context and interest to the study. In addition, he focuses much of the instruction on the correct methods in playing violin to be sure that poor habits do not develop.

For older students in this program, Mr. Ferrari has brought out the talent and skills of these youths in a short period of time. He has prepared them for further education in violin and even auditions at Julliard School of Music.

It is my great pleasure to recommend Clarence Ferrari to you as a music teacher for your children. I am tremendously grateful to him for everything he has taught my son and the joy that this has brought to our family.

Lisa Jones

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